Self Doubt : A point to be considered my lord

2 min readMar 7, 2022

Seeing rainbows everywhere, a brain questioned its owner. Why you are not doing anything, why you are not getting anything dear!

Rejecting yourself even before applying, the name of interviews gives a panic attack. It doesn’t even want to step-in in the world, maybe because it thinks everyone superior than who it is!

The world seems good when you are doing good. The social light seems covering the stage for only the star performer. Why can’t you just share your opinion? maybe because you question yourself, who you are and what great you achieved so far? The sudden outburst sometimes which you can’t yourself carry. You prefer sleeping than dealing with your brain full of questions. Why everything seems so perfect on socials? Why the survival of fittest is the theory and the one thriving everyday to be one isn’t considered?

Ah! you don’t have anything better, the one defined by the company name and CTC is in limelight everywhere. Is it just the way things need to be? Doing DSA for how many hours? In this journey of solving problems, you start getting frustrated. Why learning things can’t be fun? Why the brain always wants to compare itself with what the rest of the world doing?

This race of competing and this bad habit of comparing added with tons of overthinking really mess a lot of things. The thing you used to love doing is now becoming frustrating. Maybe because you aren’t good enough, when compared to one who is excellent in it.

Comparing, this word in itself has a “ring” that keeps ringing inside the head all day. You want start but you see again rainbows everyone has. You can be better by working not doubting. Don’t you think you are better than the last version you had? Even if not, it’s never late. Stop comparing and work, I would say. Things will work if not today, tomorrow definitely will. If not tomorrow someday in 365 days of year. The only thing you need to work on is controlling your rate of overthinking, stop comparing and competing with everything, and give the best i.e. your 100% to what you do!

Everyday is the new day, the day one to start. Start today!




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